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it helps that the world is weird… and flat. oh so flat. 'cause it sure makes my daily shenanigans a lil more interesting.

fear this

2015 has got to be one of the most exciting for me but for some reason, I’m feeling a bit empty and hollow.

I’ve gone around the world and back. Okay, I lied. I only went to several pockets of the United States, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia.

I am only at peace on the road. 

Sometimes when I walk down busy streets, I feel alone. I often wonder what it is about life that makes me so sad. And so disheartened. It is people. What is it about them?

But perhaps it is because I’m afraid of the world seeing my true self. And me myself.

Fear is crippling. Isn’t it?

to love.

I have a poor habit of romanticizing it. Every time. Making myself fall continuously and as such, have always failed in keeping it alive. Perhaps it is me. Yes, it has to be.

I’ve always been the one who wore her heart on her sleeve and allowed them in freely. My mistake. Over the years, the more guarded I became and the less freely I gave, but that invisible barrier I had so carefully constructed was eventually a demolitionists’ playground. Wall? What wall?

I’d met someone I thought was worthy of my time, countless hopeless romantic daydreams, and love. But alas, it was not meant to last. How much foolishness could one possess?

I am heart broken and having a difficult time piecing it together again. If magic were real and drugs cured all, I’d have mended myself by now. I suppose this empty abyss I’d been digging in my heart will slowly mend itself with time. And if only time could move just a bit faster.

‘Til next time my friends.

Playing in Europe!

Two Saturdays ago I returned to Dallas after an utterly long flight from Germany. I’d been in Europe for 15 days. Too long yet not long enough…

Wow! What a beautiful continent! Though I was only in two countries, Germany and Italy, and a few cities there, I was definitely left in awe! Everything is just so… charming. Perhaps this is because it’s coming from a good old southern girl from Texas. There aren’t many mountains (none actually!), hills, charm, etc to see in DFW! If you couldn’t ascertain this is my first time in Europe, then I must show you more excitement! I must.

Aside from the airline misplacing my luggage for three days, I had a fabulous time! There are things I’d have changed but those are just minor mishaps. I was in good company so a great time was had. Now that I’m home sleeping on my wonderfully comfy bed, no complaints!

Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany
Sausage anyone? You can’t mistake it for anything else when you slap pictures of cute pigs on the stand!

My life saver, H&M.

Rome, Italy

Our hotel, pictured above, was steps away from the Trevi Fountain!

Best time for photo ops? The crack of dawn! We were the only people there aside from this couple who walked up to it moments later.

The Arch of Constantine

Breathtaking! Need I say more?

Part of the ancient ruins. The Roman Forums are nearby.

I stole an orange from one of the trees in the ancient ruins. Let’s keep this on the down low, shall we?

Spice shopping. Delicious!

The Pantheon

We were one.

The Spanish Steps

Just hangin’

View from our hotel balcony. I can’t find a better word other than charming. Yet again.

The Vatican City
They actually let me in!! ;)
St. Peter’s Basilica

No shortages of statues here.

Seats for Easter mass.

We managed to snag a few tickets! No, I did not steal these. Unfortunately we left early that Sunday morning so attendance was not feasible.

Castel St. Angelo

View of part of the Tiber River and street leading up to the castle from the top.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
Smuggled it into Germany. I must admit, it was the absolute most sour orange I’ve ever had. Serves me right for stealing.

Green tea before our adventure to view castles!

King Ludwig II’s parents’ home, Hohenschwangau Castle.

Longgg trek up. There were a few “are we there yet” moments.

King Ludwig II’s unfinished Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangua, Germany. Inspiration castle for Disney.

Definitely a photo op from Mary’s Bridge! CHEEEEESE.


Empty streets of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Semi.

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
In Stuttgart visiting the cousins. It’d been at least two decades!

I leave you with the following:
Italians, so full of honesty.

‘Til next post!

Cast Me Away

People who know me well are aware I’m a tad unconventional in my ways. That’s just a nice way of saying “damn, she’s off the wall weird.” Not going to lie because that’s the truth. I am a bit of an oddity among my circle of chums but that’s what makes life interesting. Live a little, y’all! ;)

With that said, I recently partook in my next adventure: life casting, or body molding. My friend Dave is a lawyer by day and life caster by… I guess night. That just doesn’t sound right. But check out what we’ve done so far!

Dave’s home studio. To the left of the shelf is a previous mold he attempted of me. FAIL. But possibly salvageable.

Not me

More plaster please

Get it Dave!

It’s not distinguishable but my feet are at the bottom right of the photo… those two “puddles.”

Keep on truckin’

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Obviously this needs some tweaking ’cause I don’t recall having a cottage cheese derrière, or twelve toes. Unless I do. Dave says this is just the rough draft. Better be.

On another note, I wore the Merrell Vapor Gloves to the gym last night and couldn’t be happier. It is so light and airy! And yes, I was able to wiggle my piggly wigglies! The only complaint thus far is that my knees ached at the beginning of my run. Hence, I didn’t run too long… a terribly slowwww mile. I am giving myself some time to get used to barefoot shoes. Perhaps that is the reason why. And that’s my excuse.

‘Til next update all!

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