to love.

by minhduyennn

I have a poor habit of romanticizing it. Every time. Making myself fall continuously and as such, have always failed in keeping it alive. Perhaps it is me. Yes, it has to be.

I’ve always been the one who wore her heart on her sleeve and allowed them in freely. My mistake. Over the years, the more guarded I became and the less freely I gave, but that invisible barrier I had so carefully constructed was eventually a demolitionists’ playground. Wall? What wall?

I’d met someone I thought was worthy of my time, countless hopeless romantic daydreams, and love. But alas, it was not meant to last. How much foolishness could one possess?

I am heart broken and having a difficult time piecing it together again. If magic were real and drugs cured all, I’d have mended myself by now. I suppose this empty abyss I’d been digging in my heart will slowly mend itself with time. And if only time could move just a bit faster.

‘Til next time my friends.